Exigence of E-Pubs


The universal set of all educators has engaged in the acts of producing (writing) directions that are to carried out by others. These directions parallel writing of real-world writing:

1. Training Manuals

2. Lesson Plans

3. White Papers

4. Cook Books

5. Instruction Manuals

6. How-To Books

This is the reason why a degree in Writing Education is more prone for Applied Writing, in the real world, than a degree in English is.

Too, the idea of blogging for a living has to be taken into account. If you really wanted to blog about your personal ideas you have formulated about what someone else wrote, decades to centuries ago, more power to you; but, blogging about current topics and providing steps to accomplish tasks that, otherwise, would require readers to pay someone else to do for them is more worthwhile.


2 thoughts on “Exigence of E-Pubs

  1. mattramzzz says:

    The fact is that these can each be written, creatively, making it most evident that the universal set of all prose fiction literature consumers and writers need to amp it a notch and wade into poetry creek.

    I think I’m going to reverse the prose/poetry thing and produce poetry and infuse prose into it.

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