in tent cities, tx,


‘intensities, in tent cities, in ten cities in texas,

all makes a shake, make us quake and, then, vex us.’

in tent cities, the tender rage of

Bbbbbbunderage, & umberage, invites a mind to

take a page from history books & seek to

find a way to bind a find or grow a

spine & heed the plea, the people, free,

do need to read the word is heard; as,

murmurred/slurred, & undergirded, it is

truly, purely lurid.

at a tender age, intensities intensify & cause to beg,

a tinder age & powder keg; as,

children, caught, are underhoof,

on the hoof &, all, are legal-tender-aged &

quite enraged

on the hoof & cramped, like cattle, caged,

its all the rage to keep a slave who’s

underage & under rage’s siren’s song;

kids who do, all, bleat like sheep, & moan,

as goats, & ovines-opine, all of them,

indeed, are snowblind

as A NAFTA-thought, unnatural, an afterthought…fraught w/doubt, when

they are caught & feel as though their solar plexus has received a punch;

when, all they really want is lunch.

tender raged & underaged, indentured

slaves/do harbor rage & hear their voices

say, flat out, ‘let me put my dentures in before

i bite you on your ass; the

lion is lyin’ & does lie in wait,

on the take from the pride; make no


in tent city(,) texas, a crisis, it vexes;

a border force flexes its beer muscles,

then says: “ya gotta go home, & never

 can roam back on up in here, unless you

got beer; only, lone star or pearl; if not,

we’ll all hurl; we ignore all bravado of truth

-speak -staccato & punch all our

dogey’s & chew unlit stogies or chew

chaw tobacco; we look pretty wacko;

tho’, no one admits it & when we’re

amidst it & all are line dancing or other

-wise prancing & bar-stool romancing,

we sway to a tune & some start to

swoon by a tush-push-lit moon


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