Word Paletting 19


This task uses 3 lines from off the palette or from off three separate palletes, to represent and be utilized as the Introduction, Thesis and Conclusion of one’s poem: mirroring the process, by which essays are written.

Word Paletting 1, 3 and 4 provide ease to students, in wording, refinement and in creating strong introductory/concluding statements.

Subsequently, the Word Paletting 2, and Word Paletting 5 methods are used to include quoted units of information. The use of the lines eliminates the need to have students scrutinize their thoughts, motives and actions; as, instead of fearing that their ideas are flawed, writers merely concentrate on implementing

Palettes: (one, two or three palettes can be used)

A. Use the palette-building process of wp2 or wp5.

Word Paletting 2: A process, by which an anchor term is used to amass a list of connected terms; then, the anchor term and the paletted terms are infused into the body of the poem.

Word Paletting 5: A process, by which a list of full lines of similarly-lengthen are implemented into a work, mimicking the infusion of full units of acquired, borrowed intellectual property

B. Use the palette-building processes of wp1, wp2, wp4 and wp5.

Word Paletting 1: A process, by which an anchor term is used to connect a list of connected words, from which, then, only the connected words are utilized to generate to write, dismissing the inherent anchor term.

C. Use the palette-building   process of wp3.


Ultimately, if a writer is able to succeed at doing everything that’s asserted, above, he or she will have acquired the ability to succeed at writing much of what an academic writer or a professional writer or learning disabled writer has to go through, in creating cogent, written communication.

This, of course, will have been accomplished without having to subject himself or herself to the evil, demon rhetoric…

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