echinodermata iv

the stars -&-stripes-of

-jesus   -christ  -forever

-fish,  w/    in   a   mind

of  hind   -sight’s   eyes,

thru   hitler’s    haze,

w/in their fins, wear

swastikas & dollar

signs that blare beneath

a stagnant star & rising

cry of tide pools, inter

-mingled in thru

freer frames of

mind thru eyes

can surely see, beneath

the scene, a conches

need to hybridize

Using content-area diction, as a stroke and/or brain avm survivor, can be  beneficial because the act of writing “the best words, in their best order” forces a person to worry, simultaneously, about the flow and communication of what is being hammered out, while, still, having a buoy, onto which, to cling. Before I acquired my disability, I was hell-bent on becoming a limnologist and latched onto, like a barnacle, nomenclature and concepts that were limnology-related, estuary-specific and oceanographic, in nature…

Then, after my short-term memory was devastated, even though I was not going to realize and conquer my first life’s ambition, due to my crystal memory’s having gone into overdrive, simultaneously as I was regaining my gift of gab/the written word, I saw fit to start writing poems that had subject matter/themes that were science-themed. Echinodermata is the phylum in which starfish are scientifically classified. I think I’ve written 15 to 20 of them, to date. Don’t get me started on Orca poems…(wink-wink)…

In 1988, I took a vacation to Seattle, WA, Anacortes, WA (to go whale watching) and Victoria, BC. On the Olympic of Washington, in the tidepools, their were starfish, causing me to embark on a life of writing “echinodermata” poems.



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