Word Paletting 18

To segue in to initiate the writing act, I utilized a “prayer” that I heard, used before at least eleventeen trillion dinners when I was very young, up until I was in my mid-terms years.

After the prayer, the prosaic word

paletting method commences.


1. This method of Word Paletting

uses consonant-contingent pairs of

words to create the palette.

a. addled- added -acne

b. baited- butt -breath

c. kitty- cat -call

d. dumb- dirty -dip…et cetera, all

the way to

z-z-z, if you’re able.

2. Then, you extend your palette, by connecting words and phrases to each of the words that are on the left and right side of your palette. You switch off between the method for implementation of these, using Word Paletting 1’s “embedded” process and Word Paletting 2’s “unembedded” process.

3. Utilize Word Paletting 3’s method for creating a forceful and effective, final communicative statement and create an impactful segue in to the poem, to match the communicative effect that approaches or nearly reaches the same quality.

After all is said and done, a segue needs to be tethered between this and “Dear Lord, We Thank You For The Food We Are About To Receive” as prosaically-written fiction that utilizes “Word Paletting” and, then, onto Lizard Guano, as a ‘free verse’ body of prose fiction.

Eventually, this can be connected to processes for applied research writing.

In Dear Lord, We Thank You for the Food We Are About to Receive, palette terms are amassed in accordance with the alphabet, thereby resulting in 26 or so terms, before the act of writing commences.

1. I provided a lead-in to the writing that had no connection to the title.

2. “Dear Lord, Thank You For The Food We Are About To Receive”

3. Then, I proceeded to use a prose-based word paletting technique to keep the rolling ball of fire going.


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