Even if it seems like you aren’t really processing anything, in any depth way, you need, as a learning disabled individual, to make it most highly likely that you’ll be able to learn the greatest percentage of the information you’ll need to have ready to use in responding to paper assignments, to test questions and to questions that are posed in class discussions.

The best way to do this is to pre-read your course text or texts, before your class even starts. Its possible to contact your professors, if you know who they are, before the semester starts, and request a reading list. Most professors are willing to supply this to a student.

However, in my experience, as an undergraduate student and as a grad student, the ability for me, always to this and get what I requested was never known to be definitely possible.

Being able to get an updated copy of your professor’s current syllabus is another crucial component of what is required to make a semester be as easy for you as is possible.

If you’re able to get both the reading list and the syllabus (usually, the reading list is part of the syllabus), your made in the shade; yet, the point of pre-reading is to get ahead of your disability’s method of thwarting your ability to successfully learn.

Divided Word Pages and Outlining are really effective notetaking methods I’ve used, to decent levels of success; in reality, my pre-reading act became most supercharged when I accomplished it in conjunction with Voice Recognition Software.

This, likely, is due to the fact that, as I successfully decoded  the wording of the information and, instead of needing to use motor control to write or type the information, increasing the chances that I would forget what I was thinking, I spoke it into the mike and the wording flashed up onto my screen, in front of me.

In using this “method”, as opposed to the method I used before I began working with voice recognition software, I cut down on fine motor control, precision and memory /neurosis I experienced.




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