Exigence of Tutoring


The Fact that: Tutoring Corresponds to Corporate Training and Tutoring Materials to Training manuals

Not so much on the university and grad school levels; but, on, at least, the community college plane of educational existence, there, in my experience, were tutors in writing centers…and there were pamphlets that communicated and reinforced what writers needed to focus on, specifically.


The fact is that corporate training can be carried out anywhere if the training device, used, is concise and and its information is effectively communicated.

The mind-blowing thing is that the pamphlets, usually, aren’t widely available in university writing centers (at least the ones I have visited or worked at).

But, I have seen and heard of training manuals, being used by working professionals, especially when it’s necessary for them to acquire new task-specific knowledge and ability, without having to be flown to an offsite training facility, at the company’s expense.


The fact is that pamphlets have the ability, easily, to be transmogrified into e-pub format that can be posted, viewed and referred to, on line, by employees, eliminating the need for travel.

For memory-compromised individuals, this can be amazingly beneficial; in that, the information is able to be referred to, recursively and discretely, and be viewed, reviewed and stamped into the consciousness of the individuals, successfully, no matter how long it takes for them to acquire what they must learn.




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