The Utility of E-Publications on Smartphones and Tablets



Not that long ago, I received an iPad from my wife and I took right to it because of the fact of how it allowed me to access the internet and compile information, pretty much, from anywhere I wanted to go.

Then, I came to the realization that using the iPad, as opposed to my smartphone, allowed me to have more utility, in creating content that could be used by other people.

Overall, my iPad is much easier to typeset, evenly with than my phone, definitely, and is somewhat easier to typeset and have what I have written look better than when I use my laptop, even.

Even though it is a little bigger than my phone, the iPad is much faster, because its processor chip is more powerful and, as well, it is much, much easier to typeset effectively with.

The fact that, more and more, people are using mobile devices to access information and to interact and conduct business, it seems somewhat obvious that using a mobile device to communicate what is intended to be accessed and ingested, online, makes better sense, even if, by doing this, the author has, at least, a better idea what his or her audience will experience while consuming what has been communicated.

Also, voice recognition applications for tablet and smartphone platforms are exceeding what the state-of-the-art of conventional computer’s is and can be used, most anywhere.

Therefore, through the use of these types of devices, an individual can accomplish much more, from almost anywhere, due to this enhanced utility.

Similarly, he or she has the ability to read, and react, in writing, to what he or she has read, and is able, too, to carry out the processes of comparison, contrast and synthesis, from most any location.

These operations can be accomplished and the outcome can be stored, digitally, on-line, using such tools as Evernote, Google docs and e-mail, to act as storage repositories, or siloes, that are stored on-line and can be accessed, consumed and  edited, remotely.

Once an e-pub is perfected, it can be posted on-line, for free, or to be sold and the amazing aspects of this communicative vehicle are its accessibility and affordability.

Due to the fact that the cost of cell phones, PC’s and tablets should only decrease, it seems that, forthcoming, the “playing field” upon which knowledge acquisition occurs ought only become a more level platform and fertile environment for learning and skills’ acquisition to take place, methinks.

(Hello World!)



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