VRS As A Scentific Notetaking Mechanism, For Use By Researchers, LD and Otherwise


The one pretty nifty aspect of the utility of voice recognition software is the fact that an LD individual, once he or she has produced a user profile and has grown accustomed to the way it works, he or she can use it alot easier for notetaking than reading a book and taking handwritten or typewritten notes or than listening to a recorded text or lecture and taking written notes from it.

Then, the notes can be saved to an email online repository, such as Evernote, for example, that stores your notes, instantaneously, when you click “save”. Google has similar utilities that don’t even require you to save everytime,                                   such as Google Notes and Google Docs.

What I’d do is:

01. Put on DNS’ headset, 

02. Turn on my  computer, 

03. Open a new Microsoft Word document, 

04. Open my text-book to what I am going to take notes from.  

05. Use my computer’s mouse to position the cursor to an

appropriate location.

06. Speak, “Zero One”, whereupon “01” flashed up onto my

computer’s screen,    

          into my open Microsoft Word document.

07. Then, I spoke the name of the concept, necessary to be noted

and learned. (e.g.: eutrophication), whereupon, instantly,

“eutrophication”, flashed up on-screen)

08. Then, I’d speak punctuation marks, in this case: “colon”, and

a colon, “:”, flashed up onto my screen, directly  next to


09   Next, I would locate the definition of the concept and speak

it into  the mouthpiece of  my headset and the definition

flashed up onto my Microsoft Word document “an overa-

     bundance of water-borne plantlife that dies, falls and

smothers other existing sealife”, like magic.

The fact that I had much of the information already soldered into my crystal memory and the reality of how easy voice recognition software made the notetaking process made what I was doing a thousand times easier and, as a result, I was able to prevent myself from getting anywhere near as tired, mentally.

This is how I was able to continue to use voice recognition as long as I was and, due to that, even if I wasn’t fully aware of it, my fleshing out of my thoughts and the wording’s flashing up on my screen in front of me was enough to allow me to regain short-term-memory capacity, without even realizing it.

10.   The fact that I would merely have to speak the datum after             having read or listened to it off a recording and the informa-               tion was captured, alone, streamlined my learning                       process, immensely.

I, personally, didn’t grasp the true benefit of being able to see, then, instantaneously read/speak my notes and have the wording flash up onto my screen, in perfectly-worded order, until after I’d been using voice recognition software for a week or two.

Thereafter, I  continued to document the rest of the pertinent information from the entire textbook, packet, recorded lecture or book on tape/CD/DVD, et. al.

What’s more is the fact that, as I continued to use the software, it, increasingly, became better able to capture all of my wording, exactly as I had spoken it, even if I would be in excess of a paragraph.

Then, after a number of acquisitions of upgrades to Dragon, I was able to spew out more than a page’s worth of thoughts and have them be captured, before I forgot what I was thinking.

It was like I was able to purge my mind, completely, and never lose what it was I was thinking, due to the wording of my thoughts /utter- ances/communication having been captured, visually/visibly on my screen.

And, somewhere along the line, I began to suspect that my memory deficit was going away. This, I, first began to suspect when I lost a grocery list I was intended to fill the whole list, from memory, in the exact order that the list had read. (I found the list when I got home.)


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