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One thought on “echinodermata

  1. mattramzzz says:

    Instead of using a persona to serialize one’s writing, an LD individual can use a concept or object to do so.

    One year before my most voluminous post-vietro brain stroke, I took a biology class that apprised me of the term, echinodermata: the phylum under which starfish fall.

    Flash forward about 1 1/2-2 years and I was on the coast of Washington State where, in the tidepools, were starfish galore.

    While there, I began to write starfish poems and continue you to do so, serially, every once in awhile, still, 25 years later.

    When I wrote the second starfish (echinodermata) poem, I did so to be able not to have to re-invent the creative palette I used to initiate the writing process. To date, I’ve composed close to 30 poems, along the same lines; yet, each poem is unique and, simultaneously, different.

    To me, its sort of like how snowflakes are all unique, different from one another and similar. (6-sided)

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