Word Paletting 9

Words that are connected by sound, lettering, or meaning can be used to produce the pallet.

A lot of rock tumbling is involved, in general, such as that which I’m using to finish out the poem uncle wiggly / hay tread kneed knot bee; which, is a pun for “hatred need not be.”

Ekphratically, an M.C. Escher print was used to iniate and inspire the PUN I used to spark the idea and, below is the “worded method” I am using to “paint this poem”. By the way, I like the ability to arrive at different types of “creative kindling”; don’t you?

the needs of bees

go ape(ee/air/ee),

in time,


in the air,

a bee-ing flares

it’s wings & nares;

tho, twas the buzz

that time would tell

aside the well, upon the farm

whereon the day o’whey was

spent & knees were bent

as soils, indent -ed

by the wheels of wagons,

lent, to farmers’ hands

who hailed a

ride & hopped inside

to leave behind, w/in

the field, as t’was bee

-leaved, as twice, conceived,

that hey tread kneed



Ekphrasis is when something, visual, sparks creativity that is used as a means for inspiration for writers; for this specific purpose, it can be used to churn the creative juices of learning disabled writers.

Technically, its my belief that Ekphrasis pertains to one thing’s sparking the inspiration for the creation of another thing’s creation; but, I don’t know, for sure that’s exactly true. I might get back to you on that…

In the days, following my craniotomy, after my shunt was replaced, I used Ekphrasis to spark poems that I’d base on murals and sculptures that I’d see in Baltimore, MD.

This was made easier, about a year to a year    and    three    months    after    my craniotomy, when I got my driver’s license and I was able to drive different places and, thereby, happen upon more murals and sculptures.

(Socialist Butterflies/Art projects)

        social -ist butter -flies,

        on solo-flights have let  

        them -selves bee dazz-

        led  by  an  ideal  of  en-

         virons &, in flight, mafly

         or flea to flames, where

         -in they make

         relations,spatial tho’

         honesty mite override

         & let them find a lee to flea,

         wherein to flit & find, at least,

         anothers    stake      to

         claim  &   call  their      own

This was inspired by a mural I found was painted on a wall on Carey Street, in or near the SoWeBo neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland.

Not far from there, was another mural that I based another poem, art project/s, upon. The graphics, having inspired the wording of my poems, prevented me from having to stare at a blank piece of paper, for hours on end, wondering what I should write.

As I come to think of it, there are several murals that I based poems on, near there. In the City of Baltimore, too, there are several sculptures that either inspired my writings or matched the themes, motifs and goings-on of my poems, as well.

I used to use Reverse Ekphrasis with a graphic artist I knew. (earthlings on earth day/echinodermata i and iv) The artist produced scratchboard etchings that illustrated the goings-on of my poems. I would speak the wording, over and over, until the artist was able to successfully convey his or her thoughts, summoned by hearing me speak my words.

In reality, the first, earth -lings on earth -day, poem I wrote was inspired by an earth day I experienced in Washington, DC and another earth day I experienced in Baltimore, Maryland.

earth -lings on earth -day,

are march -ing hand-in-hand,

have come to warship big,

blue-green waves of grain,

on rolling lawns, wear sandals

or “no-shoes-at-all…”, while

swilling beer w/flowers in

their teeth&hair & every sin

-gle thing so vibrant & apparent

‘ly falsetto to the beings, not

on earth, or lsd, are looking on

into her face & musing @ the

genius of precision that the 

earth -lings cast a senseless,

crass frivolity into the wind

& celebrate, un- knowingly,

a theory that can never be

disproven, &, to them, is

trulygroovy, &, even though

the next day is the true day after,

& is certain to ensue, i hear

& see the lorax, speaking

thru its walkie-talkie:

“my pants  are ripped, so                               beam  me  up;   all cause,                               down   here,    is     lost…”


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