Word Paletting 8

  1. Start out with a weirdo pun,

    to initiate the production of

    your palette,

    in order to establish a

           double entendre:

          e.g.: socialist butterflies.

  2. Then amass a palette of 

 phrases, each element  of  which

 contains the simultaneously

shared term that is to be

implemented into the poem.

3.   For socialist butterflies, I used

an insect motif; my palette

looked like this:

a. social butterflies

/socialist butterflies

b. be dazzled /bee dazzled

c. may fly /mayfly

d. or flee /or flea

e. might override /mite override

f. flee /flea

4. Simultaneously, as you write

that which could seem

magnanimously mundane,

 you implement sneaky enigma

that your reader will, likely, slowly

reckon the full implications

of, leading him or her

to think you are magic.

5.  Of course, you need to perform

rock-tumbling and

add visual typewriter

gymnastic tricks

and sleights of hand.

social -ist butter -flies,

                  on solo -flights,

        have let themselves be dazz  

               -led by an ideal of  

       environs &, in flight, mayfly

          or flea to flames, where  

          -in, they make relations,

         spacial, ‘tho honesty mite  override  & let them find

           a  lee to flea, wherein

           to flit & find, @ least,

          another’s stake to claim

          & call their own

6. The use of appositives can

 enhance your poem, too.


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