Word Paletting 2

The Grammar Cracker

Now, I don’t remember having purposely made a point to create this writing method and definitely don’t remember having reckoned the contrast that exists between this second word paletting version I used and the first one.

To me, they were a refuge that facilitated my communicative ability to flourish, even when I was only minimally enabled to learn, remember, speak or compose.

The first thing, following my gargantuan stroke and surgeries, that I remember, is being back at home and having no idea what on earth was going to happen, next. At the time, I couldn’t tell the difference between the two.

What I didn’t know, in reality, was that the ventricular shunt that had been installed in my brain to facilitate drainage of pressure and fluid had gone the way of the passenger pigeon, due to my having experienced my growth spurt.

It seems ironic that it’s possible to OUT-…

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