Voice Recognition Software’s Academic Use, After a Massive Brain Stroke/Craniotomy

The Grammar Cracker

How I used voice recognition software: Dragon NaturallySpeaking! to repair my damaged short-term memory, substantially, is slightly weird.

However, what I’m sharing is absolutely true. When I wound up having to look for work, once the George W. Bush Era-Economic Downturn really took hold, I was slightly annoyed.

This was due to the fact that, finally, as a community college writing tutor, I had been making quasi-decent money! It was really cool.

Then, everything went wrong and my hours at the two different community colleges that I had been tutoring at had to be slashed, drastically.

The fact that my girlfriend, who is, now, my wife, of more than ten years, had started working for the Federal Government led us to believe that moving down, closer to where she she worked would be a potential two-bird/one stone situation; therefore, off we moved.

Anyway, suddenly I was working at the University…

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