I this is a reading comprehension strategy and mnemonic device I devised, when I was freaking out about my short-term-deficit’s potential to keep me out of grad school. Here’s the situation, as it was: my gargantuan brain stroke’s effects had totally fried my short-term memory.

Reading comprehension is almost, if not, completely reliant upon the reader’s ability to gather information and, in the near term, keep the information intact, so e or she can answer a multiple choice question…obviously.

When your memory deficit causes you the inability to remember where you where in the passage, what goal you had for your act reading, or both, you are at an extreme disadvantage.

I actually could have been prevented from entering grad school if I didn’t
jerry-rig R.E.A.D., in a panic, I might not have scored high enough on the gre to get me into grad school, wherein I flourish and tutored/mentored, simultaneously, for the first time, and…well, the rest is history.

Anyway, R.E.A.D. is a reading comprehension mnemonic device that, as has already been communicated, I have used.

R: The “R” stands for: Read the questions and the answer choices, first.

E: The “E” stands for: Extract correct information, using context clues.

A: The “A” stands for: Analyze what you have done, checking for
undetected negations and double negations in the wording of the prompt.

D: The “D” stands for: Determine that your answer is the most prone answer choice.

In reality, this mnemonic device can be used in non-test scenarios, like workplace-contingent situations that force you to retain data from text, in real time.

To let people know, I successfully tutored a client, not that long ago, and used R.E.A.D. with him or her.

The way that the applied use of the strategy worked to meet the client’s needs allowed me to see how much more effective R.E.A.D. could be than it was, fore me, when I devised it, out of panic and necessity.

Contact me for answers to questions                  about R.E.A.D., at this blog,                                  on Facebook, at: http://www.facebook.com/mattramzzz1971 or by e-mail, at: mattramzzz@gmail.com.



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