Lines Of Communication


Becoming willing and able to keep communication lines open, by way of telephone or cellular phone: I know that professors of mine, most likely, would become upset if I was to receive a call during class; however, if you make sure to have your phone charged and turned on, what will happen is your phone will ring and, then, it will go to voice mail, whereupon, you can return the call when you are out of class.

Try to pick a ringer that is not amazingly annoying and, if possible, (I know my phone has this option) put your phone on vibrate mode for the times in which you are in class; the reason why I’m including this tip is due the fact that I, personally, have experienced the situation wherein I have turned my phone off and forgotten for several days, to turn my phone back on; this is one disadvantage of having an LD and becoming enabled to use adaptive, helpful technology tools.

However, with repetition of the process, necessary, for you to keep communication lines open and not offend your professor, you should become enabled to make this particular situational dilemma; it is best, usually, to think about all of these types of potential situations, prior to the beginning of the semester and talk to the Disability Support Staff at your school about these possible rough spots and as well you should communicate the possibility of these types of things happening with your prof, due to the fact that he or she will be aware of the fact that you really are a serious students, no matter what your LD or your lack of technological proficiency might project.

It is extremely helpful for you, as an LD Individual, to becoming willing and able to keep communication lines open, by way of e-mail: I highly suggest that you get into a habit of emailing your professor immediately after or the day after each class period, he or she will know that you are definitely a diligent and serious student; as well, if you do this, you will be enabled to have a record of what each of the professor’s specific directions is.

Doing this will allow your professor to know that you are dedicated and it will also allow you to have no question as to whether what you are doing is the right thing to be doing; lastly, after a few communications, your professor will become accustomed to replying to your email message, the day after class, even if he or she hasn’t really any idea who you actually are, by face.

The reason why I state this, as I do, is because of the fact that some undergraduate lecture classes can have as many as four hundred students in them; therefore, it ought to be possible for you to have a concrete relationship with your professor, even if, personally, to the professor, you are just a name or a social security number, to which he or she ascribes a final grade.



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