Sound Gecko

For anyone who is interested, I was let know, recently, about an assistive, on-line application called: Sound Gecko. Its located on-line, at:

What it does is allows you to enter text into it and it reads the text back, aloud.  The reason why this is a positive advent and resource  is due to the fact that  it allows learning-disabled writers  the ability to  compose without having to worry quite as much  about the negative effects that their  disabilities will have upon what they are writing. I know that, especially, as an undergrad student, re-reading/proofreading always grew tiresome, especially in the latter days of my program…300-500 level classes.

The website/application lets you produce text, unabatedly, as whatever you churn out will be able to be reviewed, absolutely easily, when you click on the button that unleashes the Gecko who reads your writing back to you, aloud.

Crucially, this allows you not to have to stop and scrutinize your writing as you write it, due to the fact that the application does not have the ability to forget what has been typed into it.

Then, after you have gotten all of your notes or writing entered in, you merely have to monitor what the Gecko communicates back to you. If you enter your writing into it in manageable units of communication, you ought to be able to become more autonomous, as a writer, due to your web-based means for monitoring what you write.

Currently, the application does have minimal glitches when it attempts to articulate every single word in perfect modulation; however, as time wears on, I am certain that Sound Gecko will become more and more perfected; finally, I know that I cannot possible have uncovered all of the website’s/tool’s full capacities; therefore, if you try it out and discover anything cool, please let me know at: or, with the subject: re: Sound Gecko.


4 thoughts on “Sound Gecko

  1. mattramzzz says:

    The neat things that I saw, concerning learning disabled and other types of individuals’ use of Sound Gecko were in the individual’s ability to become more independent, in using the application for proofreading and perfecting written products,unassisted.

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