a supercharged tactic

I took a graduate level course whereupon the professor who was teaching the course suggested that we, students, work together to study for the midterm and for the final.  The way that this worked was that our group divided the amount of information that was covered by the professor, in the first half of the class.

We used this method for studying for

the midterm examination, first.

Each person in the group had to provide each of his or her other partners with his or her e-mail address. Currently, it would be able to be accomplished much more readily by way of every participant pasting all of his or her set of defined concepts to an agreed upon Facebook page; yet, Facebook did not exist when I was taking the class. (I think it, at the time, wasn’t even sweeping throughout the impoverished halls of Harvard, yet.)

For the sake of knowing that there will be no foul-ups, study group members should agree upon and establish a class-specific, test-specific Facebook page and community test resource to which each of your study group members can post, so that everyone else in the group can access the same materials/study-based information.

Doing it this way will make it a lot easier for one group member or a couple of group members to avoid not being able to receive all the information from the study group activity that they need to have, due to the public access nature of Facebook.

1.The first portion of the course’s sylla-bus was divided into ten different parts:

Roman numeral I, through

Roman numeral X.

My study partners and I each took two parts of the syllabus, making sure that each of the 10 parts of the syllabus were being studied and making sure that no two  of  us  was  researching   the  same information that any other person in the group was researching.

2. The next portion of this process in-volves a confirmation that what inform-ation that has been found is the best and most pertinent information.

3. Finally, each member of the study group posts his or her study information to the communal Facebook page or Blackboard page or whatever easily-accessible, on-line resource you use and, thereby, the amount of study information that each individual had to research is reduced substantially.

Now, having eliminated the need to do
approximately 90% of the informational research that one would have to do, prior to studying, each study group member   has the ability to start.

Studying the information, without hav-ing to do quite so much  work in finding the specific information, for students who are learning disabled and for students who are coming from a second language background, using this method can be of great benefit, due to the fact that they’ll have to do less research and confirming the information, once the information has been identified.

Also, the student will have more time to  get it cued up into his or her conscious-ness, for the purpose of answering test questions and  composing essay in re-sponse to questions.

The really cool part about this whole process is that, by using the most concise information, possible, the student will be enabled to readily learn the essence and specifics of what is intended to be learned. 

Having used this method for studying for midterm and final exams, in graduate school, I know that it works and I know that it is an effective means for setting.

The only problem I see with this method for studying is that one person might devote more conscientiousness to providing his or her study partners with a more comprehensive treatment of the study materials than another person who is in the same study group might devote. 

This, I feel, is just par for the course and is the hazard of working with and relying upon the human element. This is life.

Any member who signs on to this collaborative study activity yet who doesn’t produce comprehensive notes, in an absolutely timely manner ought to be shunned.

Yet, if all other participants do do their parts, the result is that everybody is required to research another couple of concepts for themselves.

The delinquent non-participant should, only, be ridiculed and shunned for several semesters. (Wink-Wink) The next thing a participant in this study activity should is go online and verify that all of the notes are true and comprehensive; lastly, after the notes are certified to be 100% correct, all you need to do is put them in outline form.

If one need to memorize numerous facts/concepts, a divided word page is an effective method for studying. If an individual needs to complete essay responses, use a sentence outline.

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  1. mattramzzz says:

    When I learned of this strategy, Facebook didn’t exist, the way it does, now; as well, individuals can produce links to their units of information they are responsible for researching and tweet the links, using a collaboratively agreed-upon hash tag.

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