There are ways by which to have your student tested, for free. You can get your child, husband, wife, self etc. tested for free if you have the time and  contact the right person who knows how to contact your region’s Department of Education or Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, etc.

This is, if you really press them. The reason why this is so is by virtue of the fact that the people who work for these agencies, it has been my experience, are ineffective; therefore, it can be possible for you to let them pretend to render services to you, when, all the while, you can be pressuring them, increasingly, for official testing administration.

As the individual realizes that you are not as docile as he or she originally assumed you were, he or she will conclude  that providing you with effective service will be more work than he or she is willing to do. (At least, this was the case, in my experience).

My goings-on with these agencies was that they are extremely slow to act. BEWARE! Make sure to get all of your necessary testing and documentation procedures taken care of way before you think it will be necessary!!! Any questions can be forwarded to the lickable e-mail address, below.

Forward any questions to me, at:



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