How To Be Better Prepared

What a student, at any level of education, needs to be willing to do is determine the exact dimensions of the learning situation in which he or she is expected to flourish and find ways it’ll be possible to work most efficiently within this space.

The best way that I can think of for students to have a situation in which they can do their best work and, at the same time, learn best is, prior to the start of each semester, for them  to be immersed in the actual setting where  learning will take place; this would necessitate teachers or other education personnel working with students, to engage and prepare students in the forthcoming semester’s act of learning.

Take, for example, my personal usage of voice recognition software, in graduate school; I was introduced to it, as I was re-entering graduate school, and, now, I use it religiously; however, when it came time to take my final examination, the LD Office at my school informed me that I wouldn’t be enable to use it, due to the fact that it was not stipulated in my cognitive evaluation. This was despite the fact that the software is included in an adaptive technology lab on campus. As an LD individual, enrolled in at the school, I had been granted the right to use this office , its personnel and all the technology and resources it contained.

Once I figured out that the software was available to me, I revealed a systematic flaw in the workings of my school; in that, I am granted the right to use the lab; however, I was not allowed to use the software for the purpose of taking a final; I was able to score an A on the final and received a final grade of A; however, the systematic mire that exists when it should not exist needs to be vanquished.

If I had known about the glitch, prior to my final exam, I would have made the necessary arrangements to have documentation provided that would have allowed me to utilize the software; however, there being no one who would pony up this information, pertinent to the dimensions of the inner workings of my school’s testing center/LD office, I was not enabled to use the software and, thereby, was left in the lurch.

If this would not have been possible, nothing would have been existent that would have allowed me to fail, other than my own incompetence; however, it being that I am not incompetent, this sort of systemic debacle would have been an outright travesty; what I want to do is to force all systems, everywhere, to provide enhanced services to all students.

The weird nature of a student’s learning disability can be the make or break aspect of a test, quiz et cetera; therefore, if anything can be done to lessen the likelihood that a student will fail, due to any other reason than his or her having not prepared sufficiently for the scholastic task, it ought to be done.The thing that can be said about a learning disabled student is that he or she needs to be shown how to succeed in school, first; then, he or she has to be ushered into the repeated practice of the method by which he or she has been able to succeed.

Finally, the student will be naturally provoked to act, using a method that will reap him or her positive results; the way that this is applied to the student’s ability to succeed is accomplished when the student carries these types of learning actions, that he or she has repeated successfully in school, into the job environment and uses these same methods for when he or she is acting as an employee.





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