Pre- Pare, Pre -Pare, Pre -Pare

Especially, in the beginning of your schooling, with an existent LD, even if you don’t readily notice any negative effects of it, there are weird things that can lurch out and impede or mess up your ability to thrive in school; impede is one thing, due the fact that, an impediment causes inability to progress as quickly or efficiently. If your ability to succeed is messed up, the fact is it can be utterly devistating.

The way to be best enabled to experience success, in pre- paration for every semester of your schooling is to cut to the chase and contact the department of every professor you are going to be taking and get every course’s reading list, as early as possible. Then, you should find the least expensive way for you to gain access to each of the texts. When you acquire a book, go through it and take notes.

One way to do this that is pretty safe is to go through and write down each of the most-prominently printed items in each text’s table of contents and index. Go through and, in an extremely orderly manner, takes notes.

-Be sure to list the name of the text.

-Be sure to list the chapter, page

number, paragraph and line on/in

which each concept  appears.

Doing this allows you to be quick in accomplishing the preemptive legwork that will enable you to merely attend class and have a key to what you are going to “receive” from the lecturer.

Using several different methods to try and determine your most beneficial means for notetaking is probably a good idea; only, you definitely want to figure out a few different ways, in case, for some reason, you aren’t able to use your sweetspot tactic, due to not having enough time, in the run-up to mid-terms or, perish the thought, at the end of the semester.

If you do it right, pre- paring to attend a lecture makes it possible for you, as a learning disabled individual, to shine. This is true; as, if you have an LD, you can, easily, be overwhelmed. Just don’t cut your beforehand. (wink-wink)

In pre- paring for my graduate school semesters, I, personally, acquired every book that was listed on my syllabus (I only took one class per semester) and “read” each one, taking notes. By this, I mean, literally, I read every book; however, as I was reading, I was using Voice Recognition Software, which let me produce notes, as I was breaking the seal on each text’s “funds of knowledge”.

3. I used a “divided word page” format, for taking notes, in real-time. What a divided word page is is when you draw a line, from the top of your notepaper, listen to the lecture and take notes, based on what you hear; Concepts, you write on the left side of your notes/study tool and the definition/explanation, you write on the right side of your divided word page.

This format enables notes to be made more legibly and allows you to easily use your notes to study from.

4. Once you have your notes taken, pre- paratively, what you can do is use the information from the notes in writing and conversation with other people, to get it pre- pared to be used in response to conversation, in response to social media interactions and in response e-mail interactions, etc., as well, due the fact that, if you can get to the point that you automatically pre- read everything you need to “ingest” and learn, before you’re going to be tested on it, you’ll have a much easier, less stress-filled time.

5. The acts of writing things down, while listening to a recording, that can be slowed down, rewound and replayed, of a lecture or classroom discussion, can allow an individual to cherry-pick key components of the goings-on of a learning situation; as well, you can type up, print, collate and bind these notes, so you can review them, easily, repeatedly, whenever you have the time do so, in your spare time; this way, you’ll be able to learn, even when you don’t think your learning…

You’ll, likely, become able to begin rattling off the concepts and key components of what your studying, even when your washing dishes by hand, because your dishwasher is broken, when your walking your dog or when you are doing any one of the trillion other things you do.

6. The latest, greatest means I know of, that I mentioned, above, for pre- paring for a semester of  school is to utilize voice recognition software and pre- read every text that you are going to be  having to re expected to read. Using voice recognition software to do this supercharges your notetaking in that it allows to speak your notes aloud and have them flash up on your screen, into a Word document; you can save the document, revise it, re-read it and print it out.

How pre- occupying has it been to deal with all this pre- business…?


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