The one thing I think is odd is the existence of a group (or stable) of people that seems not to want to let on that any progress, at all, is possible for other individuals to accomplish.

Certainly, no one can assuredly predict the future’s events, legitimately; therefore, if you think about it, a person who doubts you, incessantly, either already knows that collusion is taking place, such to make it possible for other parties to succeed, or the person who doubts is merely projecting his or her own self-doubt, outwardly, based on his or her overwhelming in-STAB-ility and self-doubt.

In reality, the person who experiences self-doubt of himself or herself, based on feelings of self-doubt that are caused by the success of another individual, needs to question his or her actions’, feelings’ or thoughts’ motives.

I think there is at least one other case that can exist. This is the potential, bizarre envy that another person or group of people has inside that makes another party experience inertia, even if he or she or they, truly wish to act. Anyway, there is a chance, if not a    likelihood, that this person is a  “nay-sayer”. You might catch him or her swatting flies with his or her greasy, split-ended tail…

Only, if a person only thinks there is a true cause to compete, he or she, it seems to me, is only pretending to compete, with a nonexistent competitor.

However, if people embrace the idea that the advancement of a cause or further development of a line of inquiry that will result in the betterment of the common good, the people will be neither on the wrong side of the argument or the right side of the argument, based on the fact that the argument will  be able to be reckoned as insignificant; all the same,

even if it all is moo–sic to one’s ears, hopefully, he or she won’t become ho(a)rse. What needs to be said, here, is:

  “Hay, Rein it in, already!!!”


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