Voice Recognition Software’s Potential For Use As A Notetaking Enhancement

For anyone who is conducting research, the ability of voice recognition software to streamline the required amount of “work” that has to be carried out, likely, has the ability to increase an individual’s productivity, whether her or she is learning disabled or not.

The reason why this is true is that, as a person is conducting research, he or she has to use his or her brain to conceptually reckon the data that is being used, before anything is synthesized.

Then, following synthesis, a record of what has occurred, including what has been synthesized, in what amounts, and in what proportion to any other agent or agents has been involved, as well, needs to be reported upon and documented.

If the individual who is conducting the experiment or research has a learning disability, especially if the LD is short-term memory hampering, the person’s process of conducting the experiment and recording results will easily able to be inaccurate, by virtue of the learning disability’s  presence.

However, if the Memory-Compromised researcher has been enabled to produce an on-task, effective Voice Recognition Software user profile that has been uploaded to a handheld device, the researcher can be fully enabled to conduct his or her research and record findings and observations, immediately, to the handheld device, whereupon the observations that were made can be easily and instantaneously saved, e-mailed to his or her personal e-mail, at home or at work account,  and/or can be saved to a repository in the cloud.

This way, the memory-compromised individual has less chance of losing track of what has been accomplished by him or her, especially if the individual uses a tracking system that includes  time- or date-specific notations.

The LD individual can use whatever system is at his or her closest avail, never having to worry about files being lost forever, simply by making sure to save…Save…SAVE!

01. Open a blank Microsoft Word             document on your computer’s             screen.

02. Open the file or page that you              want to take notes from.

03. Now that you have the blank               page open next to the “data page”,       it is much more easy for you to           take notes.

04. As well, you never have to turn a       page or risk losing track of where       you are, in the information from         which you are taking notes.

05. Now, using voice recognition               software to take notes allows you       to speak the information into               a microphone and have the                   wording of what you have just             spoken flash, immediately up               onto your computer’s screen, into       an open “Word” document.

06. All you have to do is monitor the         wording, to assure that the exact         information you intend to be               dictated is what is flashed up onto       your computer’s screen.

To let you know, when I use Dragon   NaturallySpeaking! for dictation I rarely have to make any corrections, at all, unless I dictate over one and a half pages of text. Its that accurate!

Also, the fact is that I don’t have the most-recent version of the program. I am going to acquire the latest version, very soon, and I know that it is going to be amazing!

Please contact me, via e-mail, at: mattramzzz@comcast.net or on Facebook, at: http://www.facebook.com/mattramzzz1971, to pose any questions you might have, concerning voice recognition software!


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