VRS – Cellular Technology and Innovation

The utilization of voice-recognition software on one’s phone can be an amazingly effective tool for a memory-compromised individual; in that, a cellular phone can be transported to any location; voice-recognition software has provided me a means by which to restore much of my usage of my own short-term memory that was damaged in 1987, when I sustained a massive stroke, underwent neurosurgery operations and was allowed to have my nervous system infiltrated by viral spinal meningitis.

Even though several years had elapsed between the experience of my final stroke and my commencement to use voice recognition software, after having used it for a while, I began to be less negatively compromised by the effects of my memory deficit. It is my hypothesis that, in using the software, which has an individual speak into a headset-mounted microphone, the user is able to have more fluidity in his or her communication, due to the fact that he or she is able to speak his or her thoughts and have them graphically displayed and not be required to utilize either both grand motor skills (arm movement) in conjunction with fine motor skills (finger manipulation), or just the fine motor skills (finger manipulation), in order to create the wording on paper.

The ability for this technology to be used on one’s cell phone is quite exciting, due to the fact that, not only will memory-compromised individuals be able to use it, in isolation; as well, they will be able to use it, as an assistive tool, in the classroom, in the workplace and most anywhere, in society. Lastly, the state of the art of voice-recognition technology seems to be, more and more, infiltrating and permeating a greater percentage of public usage and, by virtue of this fact, it is exciting to conceive that a broader demographic is using voice recognition and, thereby, as a product, it will continue to evolve and advance, necessarily, with the passage of time.


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