Making Pasta, Tomato Paste and Sauce, from Scratch


Currently, I am making homemade tomato paste and homemade pasta; later, I’ll make tomato sauce, from scratch. We grew herbs too. Eventually, I’m going to grow durum and, maybe, wheat for millable, non-semolina flour, too. In the past, I’ve made mozzarella, parmigian and muenster. Oh yeah, for the Greek salad, I’ve made feta. Come to think of it, last year, I made homemade vegetarian moussaka. When I retire, I think I’m going to be required to open a restaurant…

Okay, now, at 1:45, I’ve got the tomato paste and tomato sauce made and integrated; I just checked the semolina flour in the bread machine and all systems are go. It annoys me that I must have used something else, probably corn meal, the last time I attempted to make fresh pasta. However, today, all systems are go and all I need to do is churn the dough through our pasta machine several times on the “1” setting; then, put it through the machine at the “2” or “3”; (psst, don’t tell Jenny or Oracle that I skip a coupla’ settings that the recipe dictates…especially, don’t tell Oracle!)

By the way, Jenny is my wife and Oracle is our Beagle. Oracle tends to get a little temperamental if all things aren’t executed to the letter of the law or the letter of a formal set of instructions. She’s funny that way.




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