)tick, (the
clad in doom
-sday garb
is in control
as luna,(r)
has in her head
une gran(de’)’de
-sign (s of/ for
life) to hover
close, & soon
-enough, to
steal the
bacon/ suck it
up, so crazy, into
moonlit pools;
her tractorbeam(s)
in full repair
& working order,
soonenough, will
operate, as time


5 thoughts on “luna,

  1. mattramzzz says:

    The poem, luna, was written about a waitress I knew who was waiting tables in order to put herself through college; she was extremely success-driven; however, at the time I knew her, she was working several weekly shifts, such to be able to stay in school. As an undergraduate student, I don’t know if I would’ve been able to have done that; however as a graduate student, in order to afford to stay in school, I was forced to work. This is the reason why it took me longer to take a Master’s degree then it did for me to take a Bachelor’s.

  2. mattramzzz says:

    Before beginning to work at the University of Maryland, I worked on the community college level, at Howard Community College and Dundalk Community College; this was before the advent of the Community College of Baltimore County consolidation.

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