When an individual has thought processes that take place in his or her head that are incredibly insightful and amazingly new and innovative and he or she is either unable to articulate or externalize the thoughts in writing, the individual is at risk of being allowed to fail to enlighten the world with the syntheses that his or her mind produces.

Just because the individual’s external communication means are slightly out of synchronicity with what the “academic” or “professional” worlds that exist consider to be prone, by my way of thinking, is no worthy rationale for conceiving of the individual as being less worthy of the achievement of scholastic success or the acquisition of gainful, professional achievement.

What I have done is produce curricula that make it possible for learning disabled individuals to acquire and refine their writing proficiencies, through the use of curricula and technology, such to enable them the ability to succeed, whole hog!

The fact is that, today, the directors of writing centers in the United States at universities and community colleges don’t seem to recion the fact of the difference that exist between English and Writing curricula.

And, if a Writing Center Director does not recognize the difference, either, this can have a profound negative effect on the students who are enrolled at that learning institution, even if they have not had a hemorrhagic brain stroke.

Especially, if anyone who has a cognitive disability that prevents him or her from succeeding in conventional writing curricula, I would really like to be contacted, as a means to try to solve your dilemmas; my e-mail address is:


and my Facebook profile is at:


Finally, for ease of access, I receive e-mail on my phone and tablet, to allow people to use my services, wherever I go.




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